The Spectrum Family

Spectrum General Contractors is a 2nd generation, family-owned firm, centered around relationships. Our corporate focus on building partnerships is as true for our employees as it is for our clients and peers in the design and subcontracting communities.

We value the contributions of each employee and are committed to ensuring that they have fulfilling careers and can take pride in their work. We believe that Spectrum provides a uniquely rewarding work experience as evidenced by our low employee turnover rate, and the fact that we have had multi-decade relationships with many of our employees. In many cases, generations of the same family have been employed by Spectrum

I have always thought that hey, I spend more time with these people than my wife and children. If you can’t respect and care for the Spectrum family like you do your own family, then you heart is not going to be able to promote good relationships and make for a nice place to be 40 hours a week. We are family whether you like it or not, so I have embraced that thought.
— Oliver Loftus, CFO

Project Managers