It Comes Down to Efficiency

Spectrum believes that within the relationships among management lies the prosperity of any project. By ensuring complete team immersion during all stages of a project, we can achieve our successful completion of projects. This coordination means having our estimators, superintendents, project managers, and project engineers involved from day one of Spectrum’s involvement in a project; whether that be starting with design-assist or submitting a bid.

The highest costs in construction come from the complications that occur along the way. Tight budgets, costly building code issues, historic preservation, rigorous schedules, hazardous material abatement, and phased construction are examples of problems that come up frequently. We have the resources to simplify these complexities, saving time and money. Spectrum saves project dollars throughout the life of the project. Our client and architect references testify to our consistent success at meeting our goal of Client Satisfaction.

It comes down to priorities
Recognizing that the best interests of our clients will always be our first order of business.

It comes down to design
Building style and function into every piece. Envisioning the whole of your project while attending to the details of its parts.

It comes down to harmony
Welding metal, shaping wood, wiring an idea into something tangible, something useful, and something beautiful. 

The Spectrum Way

  • Over 4 decades of building excellence

  • Shops at Spectrum with in-house capabilities

  • Contributed to over thirty historic preservation award projects

  • Restored over 3,000 historic windows

The Shops at Spectrum

In a world of outsourcing and subcontracting there are certain areas that require a personal touch, and Spectrum will not compromise. We are one of the only Denver firms to have our own in-house services that include custom mill-work, steel fabrication, historical restoration, and demolition.

To learn more about our shops that provide these services click here.

The Bottom Line of Spectrum's Construction Management

Spectrum General Contractors saves money before construction, during construction, and throughout the life of the project.   We work closely with the Project Team to ensure the intent of a project’s design is developed according to the cost goal.  We work closely with our subcontractors to ensure safety and high quality.  We deliver a project on time and leave Owner and all participants ready to work with Spectrum again.