Mill Shop

It is very rare in Denver to find a contractor that has the internal resources to save both time and money for its clients. Spectrum General Contractors is equipped with an in-house mill shop that allows our highly trained and experienced craftsmen to specialize in historic reproduction mill work and furniture pieces at a fraction of the cost that other contractors would outsource and could cause delays in schedules.

The Spectrum mill shop specializes in wainscot, storefront, arched doors, reception desks, rounded panel walls, cabinets, suspended ceilings, pergola, fencing, and display walls.  If you can dream it made out of wood, then the skilled craftsmen and fabricators will figure out how to make it and provide a shop drawing for you to approve before they get started.

Rather than ordering a custom cabinet from a cabinet company who may change more than the budget allowance and has a lead time longer than the schedule allows, we can use the employees of the mill work shop to build the cabinet, stay on schedule, and more often than not meet or beat the budget allowance.  However, we welcome competitive bidding against ourselves.  We are not opposed to using a subcontractor when they can offer better pricing or scheduling than our own shops can.

Projects become feasible, and remain feasible, when we scrutinize a project using our method of Value Engineering.  Project value is maximized when a cost-conscious Project Team applies Value Engineering from the beginning of the design. Proper leadership of the Value Engineering process is rigorous and creative. Our method includes brainstorming, dynamic problem solving, positive Team dynamics, and a solid understanding of the realities of the design and construction process.  We lead the Project Team to identify the most sensible choices early in the design. We believe Value Engineering is not a mere “shopping list” but a means to savings, better quality, and little or no change orders because of the early evaluation of the constructability of the design.