When I first began working at the window shop. Ron Sihrer and the Torres Brothers all took turns teaching me each different process in the window restoration scope and traded off showing me how to use the equipment and drive a lift etc. They all felt (and still feel) like big brothers showing the new kid the ropes. I have always really appreciated the time that they took to help me out.
— Graham Johnson

The Shops at Spectrum


Spectrum offers a custom approach to construction. Adjoining our office is the steel shop and yard.  The four thousand square foot steel shop produces creative architectural and structural steel with access to a six thousand square foot yard for storage.  Spectrum also has a ten thousand square foot millwork and historic preservation shop located just minutes away from the office.  The mill shop specializes in custom millwork, as well as historical preservation; restoring or replicating historical woodwork including moldings, doors, windows, and trims. We also keep the necessary demolition needed for renovations in house with our specialized demolition crew. Spectrum can produce many specialty items that can facilitate scheduling, sourcing, and budget requirements by keeping as much as possible in house.


For example,  rather than ordering a custom cabinet from a cabinet company who may charge more than the budget allowance and has a lead time longer than the schedule allows, we can use the employees of the millwork shop to build the cabinet, stay on schedule, and more often than not meet or beat the budget allowance. Alternatively, if there is a last-second addition to a project that requires further demolition, we can send our people in quickly to complete the work, without coordinating with another company's schedule, and get the project ready for the next step. However, we welcome competitive bidding against ourselves.  We are not opposed to using a subcontractor when they can offer better pricing or scheduling than our shops can.

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