If you can draw it, we can build it.
— Pedro Peregrino

Steel Shop

The skilled steel fabricators have built impressive objects out of steel.  A few examples of this shop’s work include detailed railings and handrails, light fixtures, trellis/pergola, fencing, doors, window frame/sash, storefront, desks, and so on. There is no limit to what the shops at spectrum can do.  If you can dream it made out of steel, then the skilled craftsmen and fabricators will figure out how to make it and provide a shop drawing for you to approve before they get started.

We offer customer ornamental and structural steel services in both residential and commercial construction. Specializing in boutique work; custom elements in restaurants and other tenant improvement work.

Maintaining the same personality in this shop for over a decade has allowed us to develop very good quality, consistency and a solid understanding of costs and schedules to fabricate and install steel elements on any project. Furthermore; we work almost exclusively on projects for which we are the general contractor. Self-performing this portion of the work affords us more particular control of the schedule and a cost competitive advantage over using outside shops.